Note from designer Jen Hansen

I'm so excited to share that we've made a $5,000 contribution to Her Future Coalition in support of their program to build the Freedom School in Ghyangfidi, a rural village of Nepal. Our goal is to prevent trafficking and exploitation by providing high quality education to children and raising awareness in the community about the negative effects of trafficking a child. When complete, the school will educate 300 children a year from kindergarten to grade 10. Click here for more details on their organization and this program.

I look forward to updating you on upcoming brand giving initiatives on this page in future!




Our current focus is supporting the Freedom School, a new school and a trafficking prevention program, in a rural village of Nepal through Her Future Coalition.

In 2020, we contributed $5,000 in sales profits to fund the building of Freedom School in Ghyangfidi, a rural village of Nepal. Her Future Coalition is leading the project with survivor-activist Anjali Tamang, through her locally established organization, Freedom and Hope Nepal.

The school is opening in the Fall of 2020. Once construction has completed, it will offer education to 300 children a year from kindergarten to grade 10 as well as a dormitory available for girls who live far away and are at imminent risk of being trafficked. 

The community of Ghyangfidi is extremely poor and many children, particularly girls, in the village and surrounding villages are not enrolled in school because of lack of schools and teachers. Over the past two decades, trafficking girls to India from this indigenous community has become normalized and very common. Nepal anti-trafficking experts estimate that 7 out of 10 girls are sex trafficking victims. 

Counseling, awareness workshops will be provided to 600+ parents and other community members with a goal of engaging them as partners in the mission to stop child trafficking in the area.

By brining high quality education directly to this community, and by taking a holistic, full community approach by preventing exploitation, this project will offer a path to a brighter future for hundreds of girls whose lives are at high-risk of being trafficked to India.


About the Project

About the Employment Training Program


100% of net sales profits of all items in our Jewelry to End Trafficking go directly to hand selected non-profit organizations, like Her Future Coalition and International Justice Mission, working to end trafficking, as featured in the product description.


2020: $5,000 to Her Future Coalition in support of their program to build the Freedom School, a new school and trafficking prevention program, in Ghyangfidi, a rural village of Nepal, that will educate 300 children when complete. (See details above)

2019: $10,000 to Her Future Coalition to fund a full year of high quality education for 30 middle school aged girls. This funding covers school fees, uniforms, books, a portion of the rent, daily meal, teacher salaries, counseling, after-school programs in arts and sports, school supplies and materials.

The Middle School is a joint project of Her Future Coalition and Ektara, which will allow girls to continue their education and break the cycle of poverty and oppression. They intend to add one class of 75-85 students per year, beginning with the 5th grade, and ultimately offering high quality education to 250 extremely poor and high risk girls. The school currently goes up to 5th grade.

Once girls complete fifth grade, their future is precarious, because parents in this impoverished community are unlikely to invest what little resources they have in the education of daughters. Prior to the opening of the Ektara school, very few girls in the community even went to primary school. Many were pushed into child marriages, or involved in dangerous forms of child labor, such as ragpicking (going through garbage in search of saleable items).

$3,000 to International Justice Mission to support their ongoing trafficking rehabilitation projects around the world

2018: $15,000 to Her Future Coalition to fund a full year of programming at their Red Light Resource Centers, in Kolkata, India, which includes education, vocational training, and employment programs, as well as free child care and safe shelter to 250 women and children in two red light areas.

The Centers’ employment programs provide training in jewelry design and fabrication, giving women the skills and the necessary support to earn a livelihood outside of prostitution, to overcome extreme poverty and social stigma, and to support their children. Their jewelry program is a complete pathway to independence and dignity. These Centers train and employ survivors to become professionals and entrepreneurs, leaving poverty behind forever.

2017: $30,000 in sales profits set aside for a buildOn school project in Nicaragua, as investment in education is the best child trafficking prevention tool

Ongoing financial contribution to Fullness In Christ to sponsor children in the Philippines to support their education and a consistent nutritional diet

2016: $6,850 Freedom Package contribution to International Justice Mission to celebrate the launch of our website. provides a sex trafficking rescue operation inclusive of aftercare packages and trauma counseling for survivors



Free 1 million people from human trafficking across the globe and prevent millions more from being enslaved. 


Company and personal financial contributions to expert organizations in the field, hand selected by designer, founder, and CEO Jen Hansen, to manifest a three-pronged approach of: 

Rescue operations

Survivor care & support services

Prevention: protection of children through education and women through education, job training, and employment


The following groups work at the local level, domestically and internationally, freeing and providing services to survivors of human and sex trafficking, and supporting at-risk children through the building and administering of schools, providing a safe space off the streets for children to learn.