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“At JEN HANSEN we believe that freedom is a basic human right – and we will continue to fight against trafficking until each and every human is free,” Jen Hansen/Founder and Designer.

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Founder, Designer and modern-day abolitionist, Jen Hansen, has been giving to organizations that fight against human trafficking since 2003. At the time, she was fine-tuning her jewelry fabrication and stone setting skills. As Jen created, she emerged with a vision and purpose that is the heart behind her company today. 

Her vision was very clear; her company would serve as a platform to raise awareness and create outlets of freedom for those in the clutches of trafficking. She would partner with a non-profit organization, to train women to make jewelry on their own. With this newly learned trade, these women would become entrepreneurs themselves which would empower them to break the cycle of poverty and trafficking forever. 

Each month, Jen’s joy is to see how much her company will be able to contribute to rescue and offer renewed hope – spirit, soul and body – for the lives of those in captivity. In Jen’s own words, “designing is my passion, but giving is my purpose.” 

Today, Jen is proud to be partnered with expert organizations that share her deep-rooted purpose and personal calling to end human trafficking. The programs JEN HANSEN supports work at the local, domestic and international levels. Through a 360 degrees approach of rescuing and supporting women and children through their recovery, as well as creating a sustainable career path for them, these programs ensure their future is secured and allow them truly to be free. 

A highlight of some of the contributions JEN HANSEN has made to the following programs, that provide for a complete pathway to independence for survivors:

In 2016, JEN HANSEN contributed to International Justice Mission to fund a trafficking rescue operation, inclusive of aftercare recovery and trauma counseling for survivors.

In 2018, JEN HANSEN contributed to fund a full year of programming at Her Future Coalition’s Red Light Resource Centers in Kolkata, India, which includes education, vocational training, and employment programs, as well as free child day care and safe shelter to 250 women and children in two red light areas.

Through the course of a year, the programming trains these women to become jewelry entrepreneurs with a focus in jewelry design and fabrication. Through training they will be able to earn a wage comparable to a college graduate which empowers them to remain free and independent forever.

In 2019, we've given $10,000 to Her Future Coalition in support of their program to educate at-risk middle school aged girls Kolkata, India. Click for more details on this project on our Giving page.

We've also contributed $3,000 to International Justice Mission to support their ongoing trafficking rehabilitation projects around the world.

It is our goal and mission as a company to free 1 million people from human trafficking across the globe and prevent millions more from being enslaved. They are our inspiration for everything that we do.

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